eBook Features

This interactive eBook is a companion to the Roman Architecture course, featuring chapter overviews for the major time periods, sites, and monuments and concise interpretations of the most important buildings in the Roman Empire.

Both eBooks include:

  • 250+ full color illustrations with explanatory captions.
  • An introductory overview of Roman architecture.
  • Regional maps of the Roman Empire.
  • Links to geolocation information on Google maps (Internet connection required).
  • A list of key monuments ordered by location – great for travelers!
  • A list of further resources for additional study.

The iBooks version additionally includes the following features:

  • Popup references of related figures to keep you engaged on the page.
  • Interactive visual navigation tool to help you locate the monuments quickly and easily.
  • Built-in flashcards of the monuments to help you study or review the sites you visit while traveling.

Examples from the iBooks version:

Sample page includes monument information and popup references.  Key links to  maps, geolocation links, visual table of contents and flashcards are available in a menu bar within the page.



The visual table of contents allows you to review all the monuments from the book, view by chapter only or by specific locations.



Embedded flashcards making studying a breeze.